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Our Story

How it all started...

The Bay Harbour Church of God has a rich and diverse history, spanning over 35 years of ministry to the Brunswick/Golden Isles area.  Throughout the years, there has been one characteristic that has marked this great church during good times and challenging ones - perseverance.
A historical event in the church occurred on Easter Sunday 1995.  When first-time pastor Rickey Harris assumed the position of the pastorate.  God had been grooming this man for this very moment, all the while preparing to answer the prayers of a church who believed God had something mighty in store for them. The results have been nothing short of the evidence of God's love for those who trust in Him.
Immediately, the church began to grow by leaps and bounds, not only numerically but also in unity, purpose, and power.  The church, on whom many had given up hope, began to see the hand of God moving in it with great signs and wonders following.  In March of 2014 Rev. John R. Harris, Jr. was appointed as lead pastor of Bay Harbour. Pastor John had served for over 17 years at Bay Harbour in several positions, including Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, and followed by the Administrative Pastor, which he served in for 8 years prior to his acceptance of Lead Pastor.  Rev. Rickey Harris is now in the highly honored position of Pastor Emeritus.
As a foundation, church growth was built on loving God, first and foremost; loving others, especially ones that outsiders thought were unlovable; and living out the precepts of the Word of God as a guide.  Summing up these guiding principles, Bay Harbour’s mission was, and still is, simply, to be a “Light Shining Forth.”

Expanding the vision...

It is through much prayer and expectation that Bay Harbour is positioning itself as a vital safe haven and effective spiritual and practical resource for the Golden Isles community. God is using this local body of believers to be all things to people in order to expose this community to a loving Savior and to be a helpful resource where individuals and families are healed, restored, and commissioned to thrive for Christ as we do life together.

Where we are headed...

Educating, equipping, and empowering future generations for Kingdom work is the primary focus at Bay Harbour. It is through uncompromising biblical principles yet modern and culturally relevant means that Bay Harbour seeks to and will carry out the command of making disciples for Jesus Christ. By doing so, families of all ages will be impacted to COME, GROW, and SHINE for Christ.

Through effective and efficient outreach, Bay Harbour will continue to heavily support local and international mission work as well expand its tangible efforts to further the Kingdom of God to all areas within its demographic reach. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9 AM & 11 AM.